From: Larry Blank
Date: Wed Nov 27, 2002 10:36:37 PM US/Eastern
Subject: Hello Baayork. . .more news for you from Larry B.

Dear Baayork,

I hope as always that this note finds you well and busy as ever.

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Katie Couric WEST SIDE STORY fundraiser for Colon Cancer was a rousing success
and can really be attributed to Thommie Walsh's deft handling of all the "stars" involved from Bway people like Chita Rivera, Rebecca Luker and Davis Gaines. . to Rita Moreno, Bette Midler, Robert De Niro. . .and all the other wonderful performers who took part.
Tony Danza and Jesse Martin were spectacular in OFFICE KRUPKE.

I conducted the evening. . .and Thommie and I are still recovering from the party after the event.

I have just handled a bunch of orchestrations for Tommy Tune's new show at the Little Shubert. . . WHITE TIE AND TAILS. There are some existing arrangements from Tommy's act and other engagements and due to my connection with the late great Peter Matz. . .(he was a friend and mentor to many an arranger and conductor). ..I was asked by Wally Harper and Tommy T. to do some new arrangements including a new overture.

Sandy Roveta. . .is in the show as well and looks great as she always does. It's good to have her back on the boards.

The Little Shubert is a wonderful theatre too. . and a great asset to NYC.
Show opens December 18

love to you as always

Larry B.

From: Troy Garza
Date: Thu Nov 21, 2002 9:55:36 AM US/Eastern
To: "Baayork" <>
Subject: Report on CHICAGO Anniversary

Dear Baayork -
Despite the cold and rainy weather November 17th, it was a lively crowd at the 2500th performance of CHICAGO, marking its 6th year on Broadway. The company was psyched, I could tell. Having Ann Reinking (Cassie, B'way) and director Walter Bobbie, as well as lots of other theatre luminaries like James Naughton and Tommy Tune in the audience, might have had something to do with it..........
The cast was really on, including my date, Roxane Carrasco (Diana/Montreal, DC/Europe) who is such a great performer, looking fantastic, and of course John Mineo (B'way/Original Swing), the coolest cat of all. As I recall, I replaced Mineo in ACL when he left to do DANCIN' in '77...Yow, that was 25 years ago!.... Glad to see my old pal Roz Ryan in the show as Mama, and singing the hell out of it! And our alumnus James Patric Moran (U/S Europe) was there too, currently a Swing. Great to catch up with former colleague Susan Daniele (Sheila/Broadway) in Shubert Alley afterwards, also looking fantastic, by the way.........
So, when Roxane and I arrived at the party, producers Fran and Barry Weissler, along with Ann Reinking and Walter Bobbie were already piling into their limo. Barry called Roxane over to the car window, where she introduced me as I tried to hold an umbrella over us all. He said it was too loud and so crowded they couldn't move, so after a few hellos, thank-yous, and good-byes, off they drove. Inside, the music was indeed way too loud to carry on a conversation, but I guess we got used to it 'cause the place was rockin' til midnight and then some. Now I have a sore throat from all the shouting.........
Had a really nice talk with Bebe Neuwirth (Sheila/B'way, Cassie/Internat'l) in one of the quieter corners. We hadn't seen each other for four years, and had a lot to catch up on. We spoke about the passing of Scott Plank, and what a great loss of such incredible talent. I remember auditioning Bebe for ACL "back then"..... reading a 19-year-old for Sheila.... and she kicked ass.
It was a real pleasure meeting Caroline O'Connor, who's currently playing Velma. She was excellent in the show and I told her so. A really nice lady. Tracy Shane (Diana, Maggie/ B'way) of course was there, ebullient as always! Chatted with my friend, choreographer Michelle Assaf, too. Also got a chance to speak with the terrific pianist Jeff Saver (B'way orchestra) who played so many hours of rehearsals and auditions for us at the Shubert.
Walked Roxane home at 12:30 (still raining!) then drove myself home to the mountains, in a snow storm, of course.
More later............
- Troy   

From: Jose Rivera
Date: Thu Nov 21, 2002 9:11:49 AM US/Eastern

Hey Bruce

Alyson Reed lives in Los Angeles and is constantly working in the business as an actress and director. She directed SWINGTIME CANTEEN and GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING (of which I had the pleasure of costuming both) for McCoy-Rigby Entertainment at La Mirada Performing Arts Center. Last year she had a recurring role on PROVIDENCE and can be heard on several voice overs. Both Ron Dennis and I are constantly in touch with her.


From: Deb Lengkeek
Date: Mon Nov 11, 2002
Subject: Thanks

Dear Ms. Lee,
You don't know me, but I'm a friend of Anne Hawthorne's and wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed following her wedding story in your "WONG Notes" column. I met Anne when she was our NYC tour guide a few years ago, and have since hosted her in my home in Michigan when she was on tour with Cats and stayed with her as well in New York when she was in Fossie.
I'm sure the wedding was as beautiful as she is. Thanks for allowing me to get a glimpse of it from out here in the Midwest.
Deb Lengkeek

From: José Rivera
Date: Sat Nov 9, 2002

Well, folks, it's true. DOING JUDY has bombed in San Francisco. Finally, we can put Judy to rest. It was a bigger bomb than Hiroshima. The critics hated the script, direction and most of the actors. They called it an amateur drag show with high production values. Basically the set, lighting, sound and costume designs walked away with the show. The Oakland Times said the
costumes were a consistent bright spot in this nearly 2 1/2 hour slog thru labored frivolity. The San Francisco Examiner stated: Glittery costumes by Jose Rivera - spanning from the Meet Me In St. Louis era to Liza in Cabaret add some excitement to the proceedings. And finally the SF Chronicle stated: Jose Rivera slathers on the sequins in an impressive array of costumes from every stage of Garland's career (including a good sequinless Dorothy and, yes, Liza's Cabaret outfit)

For those of you who know Todd Sherry, he got great reviews. Too bad for the show though. It was fun and not as bad as they made it out to be. But SF is a tough town to play. Better that they closed it after 4 previews and 5 performances, then before everyone lost their shirts

José Rivera

From: Tom Rowan
Date: Thu Oct 17, 2002
Subject: missing people
As a longtime Chorus Line fan who has seen the show many times, I enjoyed
your web site.

In response to your list of missing cast members:

I got to know Mercedes Perez a little bit when we were both working at the Denver Center; as far as I know, she still lives in Colorado with her husband, actor/director Alan Osburn. Both have worked recently at the Denver Center and the Arvada Center.

Pam Klinger is currently on Broadway in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Kevin Neil McCready was recently on Broadway in KISS ME, KATE. He opened the
show as one of the suitors and later replaced Michael Berresse as Bill Calhoun/Lucentio.

Hope that helps,

Tom Rowan
Literary Manager and Director
The Ensemble Studio Theatre

From: Angela Barian
Date: 13 October, 2002
Subject: thanks

I wanted to just say thank you, from an amateur who has performed A Chorus Line. It was a high school production, and 10 years later members of the cast still get in touch from time to time and reminisce about the fun we had pretending to be you guys, dreaming about Broadway, etc. At any rate, I felt I had to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping make A Chorus Line so special -- you've obviously done a lot of work to keep the community going. I know the casts and everyone must appreciate it, but I just felt like you should know that the fans do, too. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Take Care,
Angela Barian

From: Colleen Hawks
Date: Tue Nov 5, 2002
To: Baayork
Subject: e-note
Hi Baayork,
Some news for you: DJ is out on West Side Story Tour, and Reagan is doing a Christmas show... but I can't remember where! I will E-mail everyone and find out news! The most recent thing I did was direct a cruise ship show out in Europe in the Mediterranean. I have to admit, that was fun! I did Smokey Joe's Cafe at Sacramento Music Circus and Oklahoma! at Modesto Performing Arts this summer. I am doing a couple of Readings right now, and other than that, auditioning my a-- off! I've lost some weight too, and have gotten lots of compliments on it...

From: Cindy J Marchionda
Date: Thu Oct 31, 2002
Subject: Update on CINDY!!!

Well, I landed a few jobs, so I want to let you know-----

November 26th to December 8th SWINGTIME CANTEEN, Family Arts Center on Hilton Head Island, SC. I'll be playing my violin and saxophone in this show!

January--March 2003 MAN OF LA MANCHA at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre playing the role of Fermina, covering Aldonza. ( I think you were my good luck charm down there at Chelsea Studios)

It's nice to be working again. Hope you're well and I send you my love.....Michael (my beau) sends a big hug too!!!


From: Patti and Whit Wilcoxson
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 Subject: Howdy!
Pattie and Whit Wilcoxson here, currently in Philadelphia with SPIDER-MAN LIVE! The touring stunt spectacular! It is VERY fun and we are having a blast!

OH, did I mention we are 5 months pregnant! We are expecting our 1st child, clearly a dancer already, a girl in March.

Love to you all, especially MissWong!
Pattie and Whit

From: Nairn Gillet
Date: Mon Nov 4, 2002
To: Baayork Lee
Dear Baayork.

What an AMAZING site you have put together! At various times, I worked concessions and assisted the company managers (notably with the International Company (briefly) in 1977 and then again for the bus and truck company 1980-1982). During this 20th anniversary month of the closing of the B&T company, it's been wonderful to discover this site and get caught up on the many, many kids who I had the honor of working with.
I'm sorry we never met, but I applaud you for all you've done to create and perpetuate this site. All the best.

Nairn Gillet

From: Anthony Inneo
Date: Mon Nov 4, 2002
To: Baayork Lee
My play EVALUATING WOODY,was very well received. Wish I had more people in the audience, but you know how difficult that is. Reviews were good.
Backstage "...An ambitious production that features talented actors and a charismatic main character."
Stage Press Weekly "...In Anthony Inneo's Evaluating Woody, Woody is the guru uncle who clears the muddle and shows you the folly in your thinking as he directs you towards a more reasoned conclusion. Directed with aplomb by Inneo, his company of actors performs admirably achieving a sense of a rep company."

Did some necessary rewrites after we closed and got the script out to La Hoya, the Old Globe, and a theatre in San Diego. Looking for a major production outside NYC with a star in the lead. Michigan Cultural Center is still interested in it. Trying to get stars attached to the project.

Ciao for now -

From: Maiza
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002
Subject: ACL
To: baayork

Hi Baayork !

What a beautifull site! congratulatios!
Well, I belong to this family, because I joined de Brazilian cast in 1983, in the role of Sheila and Val and together with you I joined the cast for the celebration party in 1983 at the Shubert Theatre (alternative scene-Sheila ) wasn' t that night something?
You know that I just have a few fotos of that night and I would love to have more material .....can you help me? Do you have any video? Or is there any video somewhere that I can get a copy?
Thanks for your attention

Love from your sister in Line

Maiza Tempesta

From: Tim Federle
To: baayork
Subject: Hello from Connecticut!
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002


A LONG overdue hello! Always check in to the website and was inspired to write after reading about so many wonderful people doing so many wonderful things. Just ending a four-month "vacation" in Connecticut this Sunday doing BABES IN ARMS at the Goodspeed. Parker was a fantastic assistant to Randy Skinner, whom I found out in rehearsals was a Bobby in the National Company of A CHORUS LINE! Who knew? Seems like everyone has some connection to the's like the musical version of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." I'll be back at the CHRISTMAS SHOW in the City again this season; with everything going on economically and artistically, in and out of New York, it is such a blessing to have a job.

All of my best on SOUTH PACIFIC. I'm thinking of you!

From: "Gianni Salvucci"
To: misswong
Subject: hi there....
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002

Hi Baajork,
Gianni Salvucci here, your baby from Tolentino. I bet you are surprised to hear from me, but I asked Renzullo for your email adress because I read about you in a German musical magazine. It said that you are gonna do a work shop in Munich and at the moment I am in germany and it would be amazing to see you again after all this time... As I said I am in Germany and have been in Starlight Express for a year and a bit... are you proud of me? I hope you are 'cause if it wasnt for you I wouldnt even have started this carreer.
Anyway I hope that you are ok, life and job wise... I so want to meet you and tell you so many things...... big kiss... gianni, your baby...

From: Michael Robinson
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002
Subject: E-NOTE

Michael and I are sorry we weren't able to see you in New York while we were there. He speaks so highly of you, I wanted to meet you. The ceremony in Vermont was lovely, massive pine trees and torches. Thank you for the kind mention in your column. Michael has just completed a production of A Class Act which opened to rave reviews here in Dallas. The newspaper also did a nice story on his involvement with ACL

Michael A. Robinson (Serrecchia's other half)

Webmaster's note: see the newspaper articles here.

From: Troy Garza
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002
Subject: E-NOTE

Hey Baayork,

Had a blast assisting Richard Sabellico (Zach, Montreal) on OLIVER! up at the Helen Hayes in Nyack last Fall. It was hard work with a cast of 44 including 22 young people, but the cast was excellent with lots of veterans like Bill Nolte and Karen Murphy, and the show turned out great. I really like assisting, and am seeking other similar work .

ACL Europe - We ended up with a terrific cast, and Wolfie seemed genuinely thrilled. The March opening in Munich was excellent, but apparently there was not enough advance sale in Berlin to get us there. Greg Covert replaced Ken Cox as SM after opening and both he and Ken did a great job. Michael Danek stayed on to help stage manage Evita......and wrote to say that they had sent back all the ACL scripts to TamsWitmark, so that was the end of that. They won't be going back. The European public seems to have little interest in ACL these days, though GREASE and EVITA are doing very well. It was certainly unfortunate for the cast that it closed so prematurely.

My home is across the Delaware River, in Pike County, PA. Very peaceful in the mountains, two acres on a lake, garden, dogs..... sure beats the madness of NYC.

Until Later,

- Troy

From: Ron Dennis
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002
Subject: E-Note
Hi Baayork,
Today and next Sat. I am judging an 'American Idol' promotional contest at the Kodak/Highland Complex. 4 1/2 hours of lisenting to wanna be singers who will compete for tickets to be in the audience for the final TV airing of the show on Sept. 3rd and 4th. and a gift certificate for dinner for two in the complex. Pray for us that we have some good singers to listen to all afternoon.!!!!! Fortunately we don't have to critique them verbally, just by numbered votes and any three of the 5 judges that hold up a flip card that says 'enough' that contestant gets the boot. Talk about 'On The Line' for them. We judges get $300.00 in gift certificates for the chic, chic, shops in the complex to use ourselves. Hummm, some nice Armani something perhaps for moi. I'll fill you in later on what this day was like. HELP!
Simon-Paula-Randy-Ron Dennis, next year maybe? I wish.


From: Michelle Scarpe
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002
Subject: E-Note

It was so great to get a little connection from you. I haven''t seen you in a long time!
Well life here is as always a rollercoaster. I've seen the good and the bad this year. However, one of the good is I just got back from Stages St. Louis where I was the lead Frug girl in Sweet Charity. It was a wonderful time and a great show, and boy did I get to swing that ponytail!
So I just got back to NYC this week, and I'm settling back in to life in the Big Apple. I'm looking for an apartment, and back at my fallback job at McHale's. I have a few auditions coming up, so hopefully I won't be bartending for too long.
How are you? Are you in town? I'm sure you are busy as usual. Rachael said she had a great time in Europe with you and JCS. I wish I could have seen the show---and seen her do Mary. I'm sure it was fantastic!
Well, as I said, it was great to get a little forward from you and get a chance to catch up. As the forward said "have an awesome day, and know that someone who thinks you're great has thought about you today!...and that person was me..."
Keep in touch and let me know how you are! All my best

From:Rebbeca Kuka
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002
Subject: E-note

It's almost the end of summer. I thought I might send an e-mail to my long-lost friends and family back on the East Coast (for the most part, at least...) with a (brief) life update!

The Overton family is happily (still) residing in Boulder, CO, where David will be beginning his 2nd year of coursework for his PhD in Theater. Our little girl, Riley Shea, is growing like a weed and getting into trouble
already! We asked for a little fireball, and we got one... She will be 8 months old at the end of August. She is in the 95th percentile for weight, length, intelligence (OK, maybe that's a proud Mom speaking on the latter...). She is crawling like a madwoman and trying to pull up on all the furniture. "Ba-Ba" and "Ma-Ma" are her two favorite (and only) words, but I don't think she has made the connection as to what they mean yet.

As for me, I just finished a production of Grease at Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma where I played Sandy (Hey DCL folks - guess who played Danny?? Ayal... :-). It was my first show back since having Riley, and I had a blast. As hard as I tried to convince myself that I don't need show business in my life, being onstage again convinced me that I can't live without it, even in Colorado! SO, I have decided to work with an agency here in Denver for commercials, V/Os and industrials while continuing to audition for the VERY few Equity roles out here. David is trying to convince me to fly back to NY whenever possible to audition, and I may just take him up on that. Not sure yet, though - logistics DO present a problem with a baby! Meanwhile, I am singing at weddings and funerals, teaching musical theater and dance classes at Peanut Butter Players (a local children's theater), and directing a children's choir...

NOT a New York career by any stretch, but it sure is gorgeous out here, and the pace is FAR more relaxed. We've also just relocated to a newer and bigger apartment just down the street from the campus. Life is good!!!!

I'd sure love to hear updates from anyone who might care to write.
Love to all...

Rebecca Kupka (Overton)
Webmaster's note: Watch for a picture of Riley soon.

From:Linda Dancil
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002
To: Baayork Lee

Dear Baayork,
I just heard about the website from BarBara Luna yesterday, and I'm so glad that you've started it.

Just lately there have been a couple of "events" where some of us (old Chorusliners) have gotten together, but they are really too few to keep us really connected. In March, the Garland Awards, given by the publication "Backstage West" included a tribute to the newly shuttered Shubert Theatre (where we did the show in L.A.). Present and representing A Chorus Line were: Sammy Williams, Ron Dennis, Lisa Bowman, Sam Tampoya, BarBara Luna, and I. A month later a larger group of us - which included Sandahl Bergman, Murphy Cross, and a great many others whose names escape me at this moment - participated in a benefit for Hamilton High School of the Arts in Culver City where we actually did "Gimme the Ball" with Ron as well as "One." Both of these mini-reunions served to remind me of the incredible bonds we forged so many years ago, and I saw how very easily we all became "One" again.

So, go forward with the website, and know that I, for one, will be checking in regularly. Next time I do, I'll share a little of what I've been up to of late. Much Love,

Linda Dangcil

From: BarBara Luna
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002

Hi Baayork!
It's so gooooooood to hear from you, glad you found me. I so often wonder how you are, especially when I'm in New York, I didn't know how to find you when I was appearing at Arci's supper club this past Feb.....Soap Opera Diva Bitch week. I qualified because of my character Maria on "One Life to Live"

I am very well, nothing to gripe about, especially happy that I'm very healthy. I still see Sam Tampoya, in fact a bunch of us celebrated his birthday last night (Aug 16) too bad I didn't get it to you in time for the site, love that part too! Lauren Kayahara (Connie) wasn't with us 'cus she moved back to Hawaii several months ago.

I saw you on the Richard Rodgers Documentary, you were so precious, hahahahaha......I tuned in just as they were flashing a photo of me sitting on Mr Rodgers lap, it was taken when we were recording the S P album.

Sorry about your mom. My mom passed away April 4, 1998 from Lou Gehrig's disease, I lost my dad two years ago, feels weird to be an orphan doesn't it?

Guess you heard from Ron Dennis "What we did for love" at The Alex theater with Sammy Williams, Sam Tampoya Linda Dangsil and me? I will also assume Murphy C filled you in on the benefit at Hamilton High a few months ago?
Ouch...... My knee hurts when I think about it but it sure was fun. Have you seen Sandal Bergman, the woman looks fantastic doesn't she? I was asked to participate in all of the 35th Classic Star Trek Anniversary conventions despite my confusion as to why the Trekkies would care about my being there since I had only guested on one show. I'm glad howevere that I acquiesced, as It has been such a fun, interesting and informative tour, including Italy & Germany. According to the fans, my segment "Mirror Mirror" is one of the top three shows, and as they say...." after all, you are the Captain's woman" (Marlena Moreau) I still don't get my popularity, but I'm glad to be part of the Trek world. I still have a few more cities to go this year including Roanoke Va and Indianapolis, so I guess I'll keep on Trekking!

I will also be participating in the Richard Rodgers Tribute at Town Hall in New York on Friday October 25th. One of the reqiuirements will be to sing "Dites Moi "

Well here I am! I love the site, whoever's doing it is really creative and fun. What a cool idea, so glad you are doing this.
Please click on to my website

Love'n hugs,

From: Pam_Peadon
Subject: I'm Still Around
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002
Pamela Peadon here! Heard about your site and that you guys and lost me! I'm still here, alive, healthy and living in Dallas, Texas.........I have a civilian job - Admin. Asst. for 12 years now......... goodness, I never thought I'd go THAT far! Anyway, still participate in theatre in the Dallas area, and have since my return in 1983. My children, Freddie and Kerry are 'fully growed' and out of school (college)......... yes!!!
Current husband Bill Bauer is THE voice teacher in the Dallas area - we've been married 11 years.
Sooooooo glad to know this site is here. Tell Baayork to send me an email......... would love to hear from her.
And tell her that last March just days before my 55th birthday, I actually performed a short version of Music/Mirror for an annual theatre fund raiser produced by Lyric Stage in Irving, Texas.......... Just wanted to do at least a little of it one more time before I became a 'senior citizen'!!!! I actually pulled it off and the ambulance we had waiting in the wings was totally unnecessary!!!!
Plano Repertory Theatre is about to embark on a production of ACL. Gosh, I could gush on for hours, but I have to get to the theatre. Currently in a production of Gypsy at Garland Summer Musicals playing Tessie Tura - yes, it is a hoot!
Love to all. p

From: Chuck Cissel
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002
Subject: Re: Hello Baayork
To: Baayork Lee


Your email is so filled with great energy and spirit - I know you have been a very blessed lady - I can read it between the lines and all the wonderful things you have done and are doing all around the world.  I am sooo proud of you and so happy for you too.

You can tell the gang I am doing fine here in Tulsa and give them all my love.  I am heading up the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame.  Of course, I have established the Jazz Hall of Fame Dancers and Singers and needless to say, we have done some outstanding work.  We actually performed a wonderful Quincy Jones dance piece and received rave notices -  I have to tell you, I have these kids thinking they are Broadway dancers; and some of them are really quite good - they keep me in semi-shape (te he he).  We also just inducted Dave Brubeck (jazz icon) and Oklahoma music treasure Miss Patti Page into the Jazz Hall.  We also presented Mr. Brubeck in concert and had our 14th annual Juneteenth Music Festival starring, Oleta Adams, Freddie Jackson and blues legend, Little Milton.  I am just now coming down from months of preparation and work.  Now we head into our Fall season with our Autumn Jazz Concert Series, kicking-off with the Philharmonic Orchestra playing the works of Duke Ellington and Aaron Copeland.  I will also be in concert - An Evening with Chuck Cissel - singing the tunes of Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday.  It will be so much fun for me - I actually perform quite frequently here with the Signature Symphony Orchestra and with my own trio --- and this is in addition to running this cultural center.  It's just so much fun and to work with the kids is my passion and joy - to see them recognize they have talent in some form or another.

I did see the Class Act excerpt on the Tony Awards about Ed and it seemed to be a really cool idea - just sorry I could not be there with you guys.  The last time I saw you guys was in 1983 (the year of my marriage) when ACL became the longest running show on B-way and Michael had all 8,000 kids on stage (te he he)...I did not get the chance to perform, because I was on my honeymoon, but cut it short to make the big night of celebration.

I am excited to see Donna when she comes and I know her show is amazing.

Well, gotta run...but let's stay in touch....sooooooo much love to you and to all the gang....I really do miss you guys and I'm happy to know that so many of you are doing warms my heart.

God bless Baayork....loveya.....Chuck

From: Murphy Cross
To: Baayork Lee
Subject: Re: hello from New York
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002


I started by choreographing theatre and mostly TV specialty stuff about fifteen(gasp) years ago. Garry Shandling, Howie Mandel, Roseanne, you know, funny people who don't really dance (and sometimes can't even bounce on the beat!) surrounded by dancers. That was fun and in the process I started directing theatre since I was a founding member of a small theatre company. I've directed a bunch of one person shows and Equity waiver pieces and had the most success with a family musical: BIG TUSH, LITTLE TUSH which has had a few years on and off at various venues in LA.

After working with my fabulous friend Paul Kreppel on a review that came from LA to Goodspeed to OffBroadway (he directed, I choreographed) we decided to partner up since we had so much fun. We've been producing small shows (HELLO MUDDAH, HELLO FADDUH, FASCINATIN' RHYTHMZ) for various PAC's in southern California. Our company also produced a short film (BLINDERS) that I directed which has been showing in festivals and has won some awards. I had previously directed BLINDERS as a one act play and thought it might make a nice short film. I have also produced a short for AFI Directing Womens Workshop so I knew we could do it.

OK, enough about me. I just want to let you know that there is definitely life after ACL -- oh, did you hear about the fabulous reunion we had as a benefit for Hamilton High Performing Arts Magnet? Paul and I produced it and about 25 ACLers donated their time to stage Gimme the Ball featuring the awesome Ron Dennis! And of course the finale which was stunning! Sandahl Bergman, Kate Wright, Sam Tempoya, Linda Dangcil, Luis Villabon, Peggy Hickey, Debby Geffner, oh I wish I had my list with me! Kevin Chen (when I get back to LA I will give you the whole list if you don't already know this info since it was in April and maybe this is old news!)

Life after ACL. Which never ends!


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